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Web design prices at Sophia

Pricing for service

It takes careful evaluation of your requirements in order to give you an accurate estimate.

General Web Design/E-commerce

If you have no experience online business or managing a small business owner, you may be satisfied with simple website or e-commerce store.

$900.00 ~ $5,500.00 (no tax)

Standard HTML Format
JSP/PHP/ASP Available
Database Available

Premium Web Design/E-commerce

This package product is required clients who are experienced many of years on the web(online), so that need to expand more functions and services. And also this one will be designed include a half of SEO and high technical payment system.

$6,000.00 ~ $22,000.00 (no tax)

Small SEO
General web function + α
User interface function
Analysis and market research
Standard HTML Format

Customizing Web Design/E-commerce

This package product will provide for all function that you want to do on the web. And also we service for Flash and Flex interactive movie, purchasing system and 3D movie around 10 minutes. Contact us

$38,000.00 ~ + α (no tax)

All function No limit database
Live cycle
Java hosting

SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization and marketing system. This function will be increasing your ranking at google.

$3,000.00 ~ $14,000.00 (no tax)

WEB 2.0 + CSS 2.0/3.0

Smartphone Application

A professional mobile software applications development company for overall solutions.

Negotiation (no tax)

iPhone SDK

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