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E-commerce solution


Sophia, the e-commerce solution focus on developing for the usability, innovation, technical and marketing elements required to basic e-commerce format. This could make your customer relationships more strong, chance to know for brand awareness, increase sales and other competitive advantage.

Before we design according to the customer's strategy, we start by analyzing for market status and resonable your goals. We come up with the idea your company needs, so that you just make it sure to see the progress of developing your e-commerce. We are providing many services such as:

  • Point(Mileage) function
  • Member access
  • Newsletter
  • Blog/Twitter
  • Photo gallery
  • Calendar
  • Items(Products) management
  • Inventory(Stock) management
  • Basket/Cart system
  • Multiple option price
  • Product browsing
  • Item thumbnail
  • Manufacturer
  • Weight/Size/Color
  • Tax/Invoice
  • Comment system
  • UPS shipping
  • FedEx shipping
  • .NET payment system
  • Paypal payment system
  • Google checkout system
  • International banks PG system
  • Order history
  • Products return/cancel/refund
  • Print system
  • Others.. (Customized function)

Payment system

Sophia has the power to integrate and develop the best ecommerce solution to sell your product or service online. Our payment management team in charge of integrating with payment gateway, help your business more larger and easy. The Authorize.Net has one of the of the largest most sophisticated gateway platforms. We are providing below :

  • Quick checkout solutions with Google Checkout
  • Paypal/Amazon Checkout

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