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Sophia, who we are?

Welcome to our site, Sophia.

Sophia is running towards the 21 century. We'd like to welcome you in our online-community, where place and time are not important. Recently, sophism is discussed again as the ideal of the doctrine that was covered by sophists in the ancient Greece world. Sophism is known to be a type of an excuse, a kind of justification for ourselves.
Although we provided something called money to the web agent, we would be disappointed about the irresponsibility,
self-defending attitude of the company, when there is no good result.

Do all customers know?
If we do not get a satisfactory result, is this the end?
Is there any way to solve this problem?

Everyone could just say, "Yes, I can". But we make sure to research it carefully, like for example the method of procedure of know-how. From now on we won’t accept irresponsible, abstractive words anymore.
To make dreams come true, we'll provide the proper method and achieve satisfaction when launching your website.

Thank you for visiting.

From CEO, Lena Kim

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