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How to make website at Sophia

Planning and strategies

Getting started with consulting and discussing about your business. We know that every project have the ultimate goal of the purpose of marketing. Whatever situation we are trying to generate leads innovation among competitor and also set a clear mission so that it makes a solid strategy to achieve those goal

Design and development

Every website creative by hand at Sophia. We do not use any template. Sophia will happy with our consultative approach in enhancing their business through a website we've built. We also understand the importance of timing and we plan ahead to meet all deadlines. Businesses of our clients rely on solutions we deliver. If then first design draft most important thing that we said. Designers at Sophia had been designed and developed from thousands of clients business website over the world. This could be possible with creative experiences and capabilities, skillful career. The websites we design are carefully built in compliance with WEB 2.0 and HTML5 standards. Sophia designer know the importance of search engine optimized in their structure. We can say that a website is a business. We've seen many of our clients grow rapidly with a website. Our designers should access analyzing your business and suggest a good solution.

Launching and releasing

Once completing your web site, Sophia monitor for an examination of website in order to make sure quality is assured. The purpose of this test means that reduce faults and maintenance time. If we do not have any faults the next step is launching your web site on the web. You are able to operate and collect data with raw format files to measure the success of your website.

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